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Enrich your incomplete B2B data with more than 50 exclusive attributes about your prospects and target companies

CRM Integrations

Connect your CRM in one click, we fill in the empty fields for you

File upload

Upload a file with email addresses, a LinkedIn URL or just a name and a company


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You are in good company

Fortune 500, scale-up and start-up are using Datagma everyday

Enrich with 100+ unique B2B data points


Personal Data

Get insights about name, job title, role, seniority, gender, date of birth...

Company Data

Get insights about tags, industry, Sector, locations, employees, ssocial presence...

Financial Data

Get insights about revenue, total amount raised, last funding date and type...

Website Data

Get insights about total trafic and sources, tech used, advertising network...

Enrich Your Data, Enrich Your Understanding


Give a try and take a look at the sample of what data you can get from an email, Linkedin URL, or a company & a target's name

Funding Stage
Alexa Rank
Company Tags
Last Funding Amount
Founded Date
Date Of Birth
Last Funding Type
Job title
Geometric Location
Phone number
Legal Name
Advertising Platform
Prospect's Email
Money Raised
LinkedIn URL
HQ Address
Funding Stage
Company Phone
Traffic by Country
Subsidiary Location
Technology Category
Technology Used
Size Range
Traffic Source
Exact Number of Employee
Semrush Traffic
Prospect's direct dail
Company Type

Real-Time Enrichment You Can Trust


From Form Shortening to advanced email personalization or just to keep your entire CRM database updated, we got you covered with 100% RGDP compliant and fresh data

The freshest data on the market

To guarantee you the most recent data possible and GDPR compliance, we do not have databases, and for each enrichment request from you, we browse in real-time the entire web in a few seconds.

  • Only fresh & real time data
  • No database - 100% GDPR compliant
  • No need of session cookie, no limitations

Enrich any input

Our unique technology allows you to enrich your data from any entry point, including a Linkedin URL

  • Linkedin Profile URL
  • E-mail adress
  • Company name and prospect name
  • Company name (if you want company related data only)
  • SIREN Number (if you want company related data only)
  • Website (if you want company related data only)

Track Contact Job Changes

Timing is important. We are able to notify you in near real time when your prospects changes position or when they join new companies

  • Get a file with all recent job changes in your prospect's list
  • Automatically update your CRM
  • Automatically alert your sales team by slack

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Connect to your tools

Datagma integrates with all the tools you use, thanks to Zapier or Integromat, or by using our API, or even by using our native Hubspot, Salesforce, or Pipedrive integrations.

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From Form Shortening to advanced email personalization or just to keep your entire CRM database updated, we got you covered with 100% RGDP compliant and fresh data



Where does Datagma's data come from?

When you request Datagma, we crawl the publicly available sources on the web in real-time to give you the freshest information possible.

What are the Datagma pricing?

As long as Datagma is in beta, we only offer attractive prices, valid for life. Please feel free to contact us via chat to find out more.

Is Datagma GDPR compliant?

Datagma does not use any database or store the data found and only access publicly available data on the internet. In addition, unlike our competitors, who claim to be GDPR compliant, Datagma never accesses the content of your email box. For these reasons, we guarantee you 100% GDPR compliance.

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