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Monthly Billing
Annual Billing
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160 work verified emails & enrichment included

Subject to Datagma’s Fair Use Policy to prevent abuse

What's included:

  • Credits roll-over your unused credits will continue to roll over each month, for up to 12 months, as long as you are subscribed to Datagma
  • Search Engine Use our internal search engine to find people without going on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Chrome extension Find contact information directly by browsing LinkedIn
  • List Management Save all contact information found in lists, and add or remove contacts as many times as you want
  • Unlimited Export Export the contacts data found as often as you want in CSV or excel.




per mo
Per mo, billed annually

For solo user who needs a small volume:

45000 work verified emails & enrichment included per year

Everything in Free plus:

  • Credits roll-over your unused credits will continue to roll over each month, for up to 12 months, as long as you are subscribed to Datagma
  • Bulk Prospecting Find people in mass, up to 10, in one click
  • Team Management Manage your team, add or remove users and check how many credits they spent.
  • CRM Integration Push the contact found in Datagma directly to your CRM in one click
  • Zapier Integration Connect Datagma to more than 3000 saas tools of your stack
  • Integromat Integration Connect Datagma to more than 2000 saas tools of your stack
  • N8N Integration Connect Datagma to more than 1000 saas tools of your stack
  • Shared Credit Pool Share all your credits with the members of your team




Per mo
Per mo/ billed annually

How many numbers do you need:

99 000 work verified emails & enrichment included per year

Everything in Discover plus:

  • Credits roll-over your unused credits will continue to roll over each month, for up to 12 months, as long as you are subscribed to Datagma
  • CSV Enrichment by File Upload Enrich up to 50 000 records in few minutes by uploading a CSV file
  • Data Enrichment
    (Lookup and reverse lookup)
    Start from an email or a domain and get the full picture about the person and his company
  • Twitter Enrichment Get the Twitter account from a LinkedIn Url
  • Basic Job Change Detection Send a list of people, and we will detect if one of your targets moves to a new company
  • ABM Search (Find People) Send a list of companies with a list of job titles to target. We will find relevant prospects.
  • All API access - Get access to all our APIs.-
  • integration Integrate with the growth co-pilot


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Custom pricing adapted to your needs, with or without phone numbers, for CRM enrichment or any projects you have.

Everything in Premium plus:

  • Custom Volume There is no limit in the number of credits you can buy
  • Automated Job Change
    Detection alerts
    We monitor every job change and inform you in real-time when someone moves to a new company.
  • Automated HubSpot & Pipedrive
    We will enrich all the history of your CRM and in real-time all the new contacts
  • Dedicated Account Manager Two hours of consulting calls with one of our experts

asked questions

Need More help? Contact help center

How Datagma credits works?

Credits are a system of currency at Datagma. Datagma credits can be used for both email and phone searches. 1 credit = 1 email and associated company and person data (enrichment data) 75 credits = 1 mobile phone number Once you buy a package of credits, you spend your credits the way you want for emails or phone numbers. For example, if you take a package with 110 phone numbers, that means you have 8250 credits, you can search 8250 emails or 110 phones (8250/75 = 110), or 4125 emails and 55 phones (4125 credits used to find the phone, and the remaining 4125 credits used to find 55 phones).

What is the difference between price plans?

Each plan offers a different number of credits and features, depending on your company’s needs

Why can't I sign up to Datagma with my email address?

To sign up for Datagma all you need is a business email address, which looks like this: If you find you’re not able to sign up to Datagma, it’s probably because you’re using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or general business emails like,, or (which Datagma does not accept.) If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly support team.

Do you have any larger plans, or plans for large team sizes?

Absolutely. Datagma has plans for teams of every size. If you’re 5+ users, please contact our sales team to discuss your business needs. We’d love to create your perfect plan.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the renewal of your plan at any time for any reason. Click on my account, go to the billing tab, and click ‘cancel’.

Does Datagma integrate with my CRM?

Datagma integrates with HubSpot and Pipedrive with a two ways enrichment. You can also build connections to any CRM thanks to your Zapier, N8N, and Make integrations. Contact us for any requests.

Is Datagma's data GDPR aligned & CCPA compliant?

Yes, our data is fully committed and aligned to the GDPR & CCPA requirements.

Do unused credits roll over to the next month?

Yes, your unused credits will continue to roll over each month, for up to 12 months, as long as you are subscribed to Datagma. On annual plans, you will get all your credits upon purchase. Any unused credits will be reset at the end of the annual cycle.


Get insights to dig down into what’s powerinh your growth the most.

Real-Time data

Our data is up-to-date so you can accurately find who you need. Live and collected on the web.
No database guarantee.

Company Data

Company tags, company locations, the exact number of employees.. are just an extract of the data we give to you.

Pay only for what you get

We will not deduct you any credit if we don't find enough data; pay only for the data you get


GDPR Compliant

We do not have any database and don't store any data to guarantee you 100% GDPR compliance.

Financial Data

Annual revenue, total money raised, the number of rounds, last funding type, and other exclusive financial data.

File Upload

Upload your incomplete file; we will fill in the blank columns within minutes. You will receive an email when it's ready!

No extra Add-on

Unlike our competitors, everything is included. there is no extra addon to pay for uploading LinkedIn URLs.

Job Change detection

We automatically detect when one of your contacts moves to a new company, so your database is continually updated.


Integrate Datagma technologies in your product. Get your API key and access to documentation for free.

Only verified emails

All the emails given are verified email addresses. No need to use another third-party tool to verify them. They are ready to send.

Person Data

Get gender, seniority, role, job title, company, location, and the verified work email for every contact.


Use Zapier or Integromat to enrich any product you want or use our native CRM integtation (HubSpot, Pipedrive..)

Join the hundreds of teams using Datagma