Data Enrichment

Enrich any data Get the full picture

Datagma enrich any LinkedIn URL, email, or Full Name & Company, with more than 75 data points about the person and his company.

No credit card required, start in few seconds

Instantly understand your customers

From the first form-fill, you’ll have contact any company details for modern
lead scoring, routing, ideal customer profile analysis, and segmentation


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  • Company
  • Company name
  • Websitel
  • Siren Number

How to use Datagma Enrichment?

Can be used with integrations:

Can be used with File Upload:

  • Upload your incomplete CSV or Excel file
  • Choose your enrichment options
  • Received your enhanced file delivered in minutes

Can be Used with API:

  • Get your Key immediately with hundreds of credits. No wait time.
  • Play with the API directly in the browser. No need to be a tech.
  • Comprehensive doc and impressive roadmap

What you can do with Data Enrichment?

Lead Scoring

Enrich your prospect’s data to identify the best lead
based on your criteria and help your sales teams prioritize

Keep your CRM Updated

Stop wasting time on data entry that nobody does. Instead,
automatically enrich your CRM with the most complete and recent data

Get started with
1,000 free matches.