Job Change Detection

Track Job
Change easily

Be alerted when one of your prospect or client change job and moves
to a new company. Update your sales team and Keep your CRM fresh

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Know when a of your customer has left their job

Know their new company

Find their new contact information

Know who replaces him

Why Track Job Change?

Outreach at the Right Time

Datagma automatically surfaces every job change that’s relevant to you, including the ones already used your product before. You contact warm leads at the right moment. Closing becomes easy

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Reduce churn & increase upsell

Churn is real and can cost your business millions. With Job Change Detection, you can identify the risk of churn caused by executive changes so you can act now and win back your customers

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How to use Datagma Enrichment?

Can be used with integrations:

Can be used with File Upload:

  • Upload your incomplete CSV or Excel file
  • Choose your enrichment options
  • Received your enhanced file delivered in minutes
Can be Used with API

Can be Used with API:

  • Get your Key immediately with hundreds of credits. No wait time.
  • Play with the API directly in the browser. No need to be a tech.
  • Comprehensive doc and impressive roadmap

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