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Specialized in B2B data enrichment, we found more than 3 million verified emails & mobile phones daily. Our contact detail finder ensures accurate, verified business contacts, amplifying your outreach efforts.

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Use our free search tool for instant results to get business email addresses and mobile phone numbers! Try it now.

Transform Business with Real-Time Data Anywhere, Anytime – B2B Data Enrichment Solution

Datagma offers real-time data accessibility. It easily connects your tools and CRM to access complete and updated information. Our technology seamlessly integrates into your applications, enhancing data accuracy. Use our Chrome extension to find contact details and streamline your data processes effortlessly, anytime, anywhere.


Connect your tools (including CRM Enrichment) in one click, and we fill in the empty fields.

File upload
File upload

Upload a file with missing cells. We will enhance it with fresh & accurate data.


Use our API to integrate our technology into your applications.

Chrome extension
Chrome extension

Use our Chrome extension to find information while you are browsing.

More than 75 data points
at your fingertips

With our comprehensive dataset, you gain a holistic understanding of your target companies, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive meaningful business outcomes.

  • Personal dataGet insights about work-verified emails, mobile phone numbers, job titles, roles, seniority, gender and many other...
  • Company dataGet insights about tags (B2B, B2C, SAAS...), industry, locations and tech used...
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Datagma’s Chrome Extension to Find Contact Details

Your easy way to discover contact info effortlessly and efficiently. Connect instantly with just a click!

Get Contact Information with Datagma in just Second!

Choose Datagma to find contact details in just seconds. Explore our multiple methods for obtaining quick results.

Extract mobile phone numbers & emails from LinkedIn

Use our Chrome Extension to find contacts details massively directly by extracting B2B data from Sales Navigator.

  • Extract contact data From Sales Navigator in seconds
  • Get verified business email address
  • Find mobile phone numbers

Enrich your contacts with mail & phone numbers in bulk

Upload your incomplete file and we will fill the missing columns with mobile phone numbers, verified work email address and more than 75 data points about the person and his company. Start from any inputs.

  • Only real time data
  • No database - 100% GDPR compliant
  • No need of session cookie, no limitations
  • Only verified emails
  • Only mobile numbers

Detect Job Change in Real-time B2B enrichment

Be alerted in real-time when one of your prospect or client change job and moves to a new company. Update your sales team and Keep your CRM fresh.

  • Contact warm people instead to contact cold people
  • Outreach at the Right Time
  • Keep your CRM fresh & updated
  • Reduce churn & increase upsell
  • Works with File Upload, HubSpot, API, Zapier &

Refresh & Enrich your CRM automatically

Datagma CRM enrichment features allow you to add more than 70 up-to-date data points for your contacts and detect all the job changes in real-time.

  • Keep your HubSpot updated
  • Track Job Change Detection
  • Customize your outreach
  • Segment your contacts
  • Implement Lead Scoring

Find email and phone number while browsing the web

Use our Chrome extension to find verified email addresses & mobile phones numbers details while you browse LinkedIn.

  • Save the full profile on a list ready to be exported
  • Works on LinkedIn & LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Only verified email addresses
  • Only mobile phone numbers

Find employees at specific job titles in a list of companies

Upload your target list for companies, specify roles and countries, and instantly get contact info for key players in any industry. Less guesswork, more connecting. Find the right people fast with Datagma.

  • Identify all the CEO or C-Level in a list of companies
  • Works by File Upload
  • Works by API
  • Get the full picture about your targets

Find emails from Twitter usernames

Upload your list of Twitter usernames and we will enrich them with email, other social URLs, skills, interests, and much more.

  • Build a custom audience from your Twitter audience
  • Contact people who follow your competitors
  • Works by API or File Upload

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Discover the real-life experiences of our satisfied clients, as they share how our solutions transformed their businesses and brought them exceptional results.

Varun Anand
Head of Ops @

Datagma's data has been transformative for our business operations. Their APIs integrate seamlessly, boosting efficiency significantly. We're impressed by the accuracy and reliability of the data. We recommend it

Marc Francis
Co-Founder at Captain Data

Datagma has revolutionized our outbound operation and made a significant impact on our product integrations.

Sylvain Charmet
Recruitement Expert at Seiza

Datagma has been a game-changer for our outbound games. It has enabled us to be more proactive, responsive, and reach out to a wider audience more efficiently.

Explore Our Unparalleled Features and Exclusive Attributes for Success

Datagma stands out by making it easy to take information from places on the internet. Our special tools are super easy to use. We’re different because we follow all the rules to keep your information safe and secure. When we give you data, we also give you confidence. Our verified emails and phone numbers promise efficient, bounce-free campaigns. Our special system means you only pay for what’s useful to you. Plus, everything we offer comes with no extra charges. See why Datagma is special to get leads for your business and try it today!

real time

Real-Time Data

Datagma doesn't rely on a database; all the data you get from Datagma is retrieved in real-time from the public web without violating any term of service.

gdrp compliant

GDPR Compliant

Without storing data or maintaining databases, we can ensure 100% GDPR compliance. Opt-out and portability are also automated

real time

Only verified emails

We verify all emails with Neverbounce and Usebouncer in real-time before sending them to you. So you don't have to, saving you time and money.


Pay only for what you get

You pay nothing if we don't find the data you're looking for. No emails? We don't charge credits. No phone? We don't charge credits; It’s risk-free.


No extra Add-on

Unlike our competitors, you don't have to pay for extra options - everything is included. From the API to File Upload, from LinkedIn URL search to Twitter enrichment.


Extensive API

An API made by non-developers for non-developers. Built for No-Code usage, easy to use, and documented. Get your key in seconds, and start in less than one minute.

Unlock the Power of Data Enrichment!

Gain a competitive edge with actionable data-driven insights for enhanced business success”

  • checked Icon No credits cards required
  • checked Icon GDRP Compliant

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We understand that you may have some questions about our services and how we can assist your business. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to our team directly.