Maximising Sales Navigator and Datagma: A Strategic Guide to Networking in Sales
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Leveraging Sales Navigator and Datagma for Strategic Networking in Sales

In the ever-evolving world of sales, the judicious use of Sales Navigator, particularly for targeting individuals who have recently changed jobs, is crucial. This approach, combined with the innovative features of the Datagma Chrome extension, revolutionizes how sales professionals can maximize their outreach.


Targeting Recent Job Changes for Effective Prospecting

Focusing on individuals who have recently transitioned to new roles, such as new Vice Presidents and Chief Revenue Officers, is incredibly beneficial in Sales Navigator. These professionals, often more open to new ideas and strategies, are in a phase of proving their worth in their new roles. This openness makes them ideal for initiating meaningful conversations.

Sales Navigator scraping page with Datagma Chrome Extension opened on the right side and the "Scape job change" fonction on.

Why Recent Job Changes Matter

  1. Refreshing Perspectives: Individuals who have recently changed jobs bring fresh perspectives and are often more receptive to new connections. This receptivity is similar to the early stages of a relationship, akin to the time when one might give roses to their wife every day to cherish and nurture the relationship.
  2. A Non-Sales Approach: The goal of contacting these professionals is not to immediately sell something, but rather to initiate a conversation. This method builds rapport and establishes trust, which can be more effective in the long term.
  3. Streamlining with Datagma Chrome Extension: The Datagma Chrome extension offers a revolutionary feature for users of Sales Navigator. This tool simplifies the process of identifying individuals who have recently changed jobs, allowing users to effortlessly transform their Sales Navigator searches into Excel files.


File Uploaded from sales navigator

Key Features of the Datagma Chrome Extension

  • Easy Conversion to Excel: The extension enables users to quickly turn Sales Navigator searches into CSV files, streamlining data management.
  • Efficiency and Simplicity: The tool is designed for ease of use, free from complex processes or cookie requirements. It’s as simple as clicking on the extension while on any search page.
  • Compatibility with Various Searches: It works with both searches and contact lists in Sales Navigator, offering versatility.
  • Job Change Detection Module: A specific module for detecting job changes provides detailed information about the individual’s former position, job title, recruitment date, etc.
  • Enhancement with Datagma File Upload Features: The Excel file generated can be uploaded to Datagma for further enhancement with email or mobile numbers, or used with other competitive tools.


Sales Nav with file download datagma option


The strategic use of Sales Navigator, especially when targeting individuals who have recently changed jobs, combined with the innovative Datagma Chrome extension, offers a powerful approach for sales professionals. By focusing on initiating conversations rather than direct selling and leveraging advanced tools for efficient data management, sales professionals can significantly enhance their networking and prospecting strategies.

With these tools, the process of connecting with new leaders in sales becomes more efficient and effective, paving the way for meaningful business relationships and long-term success in the dynamic world of sales.

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