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Why Datagma is the best alternative to Rocket Reach

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Features Datagma RocketReach
CSV Enrichment
LinkedIn Bulk Scraping Up to 2500 per day
WhatsApp Integration
Price of the Popular plan $69 $179
Give a landline number while charging for a mobile number
Price per phone in the Popular Plan $0,62 $0,47
Price per email in the Popular Plan $0,008 $0,47
API Access Starting $359 per month
Job change detection
Search mobile by name only
Email to Data Enrichment
Customer Success Manager

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It's time to do full enrichment

Lusha does only partial enrichment cause it doesn't enrich the company.
When Datagma enriches your customer's data, you get the complete picture of your prospects like the exact number of employees, the amount raised, a list of tags.
All these points that allow you to better segment end personalize, Lusha can't.

Extract mobile phone numbers & emails from LinkedIn

Use our Chrome Extension to find contacts details massively directly by extracting B2B data from Sales Navigator.

  • Extract contact data From Sales Navigator in seconds
  • Get verified business email address
  • Find mobile phone numbers

Enrich your contacts with mail & phone numbers in bulk

Upload your incomplete file and we will fill the missing columns with mobile phone numbers, verified work email address and more than 75 data points about the person and his company. Start from any inputs.

  • Only real time data
  • No database - 100% GDPR compliant
  • No need of session cookie, no limitations
  • Only verified emails
  • Only mobile numbers

Detect Job Change in Real-time B2B enrichment

Be alerted in real-time when one of your prospect or client change job and moves to a new company. Update your sales team and Keep your CRM fresh.

  • Contact warm people instead to contact cold people
  • Outreach at the Right Time
  • Keep your CRM fresh & updated
  • Reduce churn & increase upsell
  • Works with File Upload, HubSpot, API, Zapier &

Refresh & Enrich your CRM automatically

Datagma CRM enrichment features allow you to add more than 70 up-to-date data points for your contacts and detect all the job changes in real-time.

  • Keep your HubSpot updated
  • Track Job Change Detection
  • Customize your outreach
  • Segment your contacts
  • Implement Lead Scoring

Find email and phone number while browsing the web

Use our Chrome extension to find verified email addresses & mobile phones numbers details while you browse LinkedIn.

  • Save the full profile on a list ready to be exported
  • Works on LinkedIn & LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Only verified email addresses
  • Only mobile phone numbers

Find employees at specific job titles in a list of companies

Upload your target list for companies, specify roles and countries, and instantly get contact info for key players in any industry. Less guesswork, more connecting. Find the right people fast with Datagma.

  • Identify all the CEO or C-Level in a list of companies
  • Works by File Upload
  • Works by API
  • Get the full picture about your targets

Find emails from Twitter usernames

Upload your list of Twitter usernames and we will enrich them with email, other social URLs, skills, interests, and much more.

  • Build a custom audience from your Twitter audience
  • Contact people who follow your competitors
  • Works by API or File Upload

What people say about us?

Ionut Neagu

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Undoubtedly one of the best Dropcontact alternatives available

We switched from Dropcontact to Datagma for everything in camp CodeinWP more than 4 years ago. We found a lot more value with Datagma for the price because we pay for the volume of emails sent rather than the number of contacts we store. Additionally, the marketing automation features are much more robust, making Datagma undoubtedly one of the best Dropcontact alternatives available.

They Won’t be going back to Rocket Reach!

Datagma Excels in Value and Functionality

"Datagma offers unbeatable value with its Popular Plan pricing, including job change detection which is so helpfull. Additionally, API access is available across all plans, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes."

RocketReach Lags Behind in Key Features

"RocketReach may initially appear appealing, but its lack of essential features like the ability to search mobile by name only puts it at a significant disadvantage. This omission hampers efficient and targeted outreach efforts, making it less effective compared to competitors."

Datagma's Competitive Pricing Wins

"Datagma's pricing, particularly its Popular Plan at $0.62 per phone, outshines competitors like RocketReach. With such competitive rates, Datagma offers excellent value for businesses seeking cost-effective data enrichment solutions."