How Can Datagma Enrich Data?

Datagma is a revolutionary software that integrates analytics, organizational data, and artificial intelligence to enrich data for your business. 

Data enrichment allows you to monitor the key business performance drivers and make informed decisions affecting them. 

Datagma enriches data using personal data, company data, website data, and financial data. Using innovative products and features, Datagma enables you to measure and monitor campaign effectiveness, optimize customer experiences, increase conversion rates, improve brand loyalty, and generate more revenue. 

Data enrichment can also be accomplished by conducting interviews, surveys, watching videos, reading social media posts, and more. The goal of enriching data is to have correct and up-to-date customer information and customer feedback to identify patterns across multiple information sources.

Data enrichment provides you with accurate and real-time data, which allows you to make faster and wiser business decisions. Additionally, data enrichment eliminates data decay, saves time, reduces costs, and increases customer conversions. 

Organizations that don’t fully utilize their customer data limit their ability to grow and succeed in the marketplace.

Read on for a few use cases on how Datagma will enrich your business data and improve your sales and conversions.

Datagma enriches personal data

Datagma has been helping companies in industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, transportation, and logistics take control of their customer data through superior AI and machine learning technology. Datagma scours the internet and provides you with the most current, up-to-date client confidential information from public sources without breaching any privacy laws. Datagma enriches personal data so you can make better business decisions.

Personal data enrichment involves updating customers’ contact, geographical and professional information. Personal data enrichment empowers organizations to manage their customer relationships more efficiently by delivering targeted offers based on individual client preferences. Enriching personal data further improves data security by ensuring that customer data is well protected. 

Constant data updates can more effectively manage data decay which is a major issue in business. Common forms of personal data enhancement include updating clients’ professional titles, email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses, zip codes, social media handles, date of birth, gender, town, city, and country names.

Datagma is a powerful data management software that helps you enrich your clients’ database allowing you to offer customized and relevant products and services to customers. Personal data enrichment uses advanced analytics to identify market opportunities, uncover hidden insights, and reduce the risk of making poor business decisions. 

Datagma collects accurate and important company data

Datagma is perfect for company data enrichment using its intuitive and dynamic features powered by cutting-edge AI and an extensive online library of information. Datagma will update all your target company’s relevant information with no hassle.

If your business deals with companies, then having updated information about your target companies is vital.

Company data enrichment is the process of updating a target company’s data from reputable third-party sources. 

Common forms of company data enrichment include updating the contact person/prospect’s details, job title, phone number, and email address. The target company’s official websites, telephone numbers, email addresses, fax, physical location, industry, tags, and social media handles must also be current and accurate.

Enriching company data allows you to have a personalized, more collaborative interaction with your target company and provide high-value products and services.

Using current data minimizes instances of shipping, delivery, fraud, and billing errors. Accurate company data increases business trust and allows you to provide fast, efficient, and professional services while reducing the costs of maintaining a bulky and erroneous CRM.

Datagma breaks down complex financial data into organized and meaningful information

Datagma excels in cleaning, updating, and sorting financial data through its easy-to-use API and integration-enabled CRM systems. The tool takes unrefined financial data and sorts it to create a clear financial picture.

Financial data enrichment with Datagma includes updating the last funding amount, funding type, revenue collection, funding date, expenses, overdrafts, funding stage, and IPO of a targeted institution. You can then use the data to target qualified financial institutions or NGOs.

Similarly, enriching your company’s financial data improves transparency, accountability and provides better business insights. 

Enriching financial data allows you to monitor business growth, develop better market-oriented business policies, identify and track income sources, make faster business decisions, achieve regulatory compliance, and protect business data.

Grow your website with Datagma

Datagma provides accurate, enriched website information by leveraging advanced technology to search the web in real-time. Datagma enables you to track website traffic by country, advertising platforms, SEMrush traffic insights, Alexa rankings, and more website metrics. 

Enriching business information allows you to improve your business website, provide better customer service, improve business intelligence, and increase revenue. 

You can leverage the enriched data to improve website security, keep your content updated, and improve your marketing efforts. An updated website allows you to quickly learn your customer’s needs and deliver targeted and specific ad campaigns to enhance client conversions.

Datagma’s features include finding the best prospects for marketing campaigns, identifying new leads from competitor websites, finding the most influential people in a given industry or location without leaving the Datagma interface.  

With Datagma, all the important information about your website is available with just a click of a button. You’ll have access to over 1 billion public online records about prospects, emerging technology, and competitor sites.

Enrich your B2B Data with Datagma

Data is the black gold of business, and for your business to flourish, you need accurate, real-time, and actionable business data.

The revolutionary data platform, Datagma, is up to the task and will provide you with the best business data available. Datagma uses advanced AI and innovative products to provide your business with the latest personal and company data about your leads, updated website information, and meaningful financial records.

Datagma provides enriched personal data, including the client’s professional titles, email addresses, telephone numbers, postal address, zip codes, social media handles, date of birth, gender, town, city, and country names.

Datagma also provides company data, including company name, official headquarters address, tags, subsidiary locations, company type, founded date, and exact employee numbers. This information is important in creating an effective marketing strategy and providing unique solutions to your target companies problems and needs.  

Datagma also excels in providing enriched financial data. Your business will improve its financial transparency and accountability by gathering, cleaning, sorting, and categorizing business and client financial data, opening the door for funding and grants from financial institutions. Further, having current financial records will allow your business to comply with government regulations.

Datagma also improves your website information which allows your business website to remain relevant and convert more leads. Through services like website traffic tracking by country, Alexa ranking analysis, SEMrush traffic insights, and advertising platform analysis Datagma allows you to improve and enhance your business website. 

You can revamp your website to provide accurate and innovative solutions to your site visitors in real-time. Datagma will quickly and efficiently collect, cleanse, and organize all your business data and allow you to convert more leads and provide better products and services.

Datagma relies on cutting-edge technology and an intuitive API that can plug into any of your business systems to manage and streamline your business database. A leaner, error-free database will free up more of your time and money, improving your productivity. Datagma is a game-changer that will skyrocket your business and keep you ahead of the pack always.

Enrich your B2B data today by signing up for the free Datagma program and enjoy over 50 exclusive business attributes about your prospective leads and companies.

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